How Top Facilitators of Organizational Transformaiton Create Change (Second Segment)

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(This webinar was held in March 18th, 2015)

Experts agree that most major change and transformation projects FAIL to get the results they should. Most agree the facilitators at the point of attack are critical in any large-scale improvement or change effort. Failure Can Cost $ Millions and Destroy Careers!

Persons leading change usually have great technical skills in areas like Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Engineering and Technology, but often lack the skills to truly engage people to win buy-in, enthusiasm and commitment to new ways of working. What would make the difference is when persons leading change not only were aware of the behaviors of Top Facilitators, but actually had the skills required to effectively put them in play.

In last months’ webinar we shared some insights about the 33 Key Behaviors of a Top Facilitator that are essential to any large-scale organizational change. On March 18th I’ll be reviewing a number of these behaviors. AND, more importantly, sharing how YOU can begin your journey to personally MASTER these skill-sets. Knowing the behaviors AND having the skills to use them effectively will ensure that you have what it takes in order to create YOUR own secret weapon capabilities that will set you apart as an effective facilitator of change.

‘How TOP Facilitators of Organizational Transformation Create Change – Part 2’, is for ALL persons leading change and transformation. You may have the technical skills in areas like Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Engineering and Information Technology, and now want to gain the insights and move toward MASTERY of the 33 Key Behaviors TOP Facilitators need to successfully lead transformation in any organization.

Just a few the skills YOU will be armed with after this webinar include:

  •  Facilitation Planning Supporting Transformation/Organizational Change
  •  Facilitator’s Role in Building Sustainable High Performing Teams
  •  Effective Meeting Management Skills
  •  How to Deal with Difficult Situations & People
  •  Mastering Skills to Create a Team Code of Honor/Conduct
  •  Brainstorming, Organizing and Prioritizing Group Ideas
  •  Risk Assessment
  •  Communications Planning
  •  Program & Project Management
  •  Organizational Change Management


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