How Top Facilitators of Organizational Transformaiton Create Change (First Segment)

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(This webinar was held in February 18th, 2015)

Did you know that experts suggest most major projects FAIL to get the results they should.

Most agree the facilitators at the point of attack are critical in any large-scale improvement or change effort. Failure Can Cost $ Millions and Destroy Careers!

If every Organizational Transformation and Lean Six Sigma expert knew these 33 skills and behaviors to create an outcome that will successfully transform an organization, FAILED projects would be eliminated.

‘What it Means to be a Top Facilitator Part 1’, is for ALL persons leading change who have the technical skills in areas like Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Engineering and Information Technology, and want to learn the skills necessary to engage people to win buy-in, enthusiasm and commitment to new ways of working.

Just to list a few the skills YOU will be armed with after this webinar, YOU will learn how to:

  • Effectively Plan for your Next Facilitation Event
  • Develop the Skills to Identify “The Pain” In Your Organization
  • Stop Initiative Failures
  • Get the Buy-In, Acceptance & Ownership of Initiatives by Those Who Implement Them
  • Break through Entrenched Thought Patterns & Norms
  • Overcome the Barriers to Making Organizational Change
  • Implement Action with High Performing Teams
  • Build a Community of Practice to Power Continuous Transformation
  • Create YOUR Own Secret Weapon Capabilities That Will Out-perform Everyone in Your Industry