Top Facilitator Tip: Celebrate wins – for Individuals and for Groups

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Top Facilitator Tip_Celebrate wins

People love to be praised….particularly in front of their peers. Facilitators use praise openly and in public for several reasons:

  1. To give praise where praise is due. Acknowledging positive contributions helps to reinforce those acts and help create the desire in others to seek praise as well.
  2. Praise is a positive experience and emotion for all participants and is an excellent way to set the tone for group meetings. On the flip side, praise should never be set up to create humiliation for others. “Ben did a great job and we hope Jane learns from his work.”
  3. There is a way to offer up praise. Do not be overly patronizing and acknowledge the specific actions and why they are being praised.
  4. Thank individual/groups for their actions and ask for applause from the entire audience. Recognition is sweetest from one’s peers.
  5. Praise others in public as frequently as possible. It reinforces desired behavior.
  6. And good for you for reading this tip!


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