TOP Facilitator Tip # 5: Less is More

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When facilitating a meeting, keep it focused and on point. Don’t let side issues crowd out the objective of the meeting. In fact, the more the conversation is focused on point, the more likely it is that attendees will remember what is being said.

Less is More

Studies have shown that you are more likely to get action by providing less information versus getting inaction and confusion through information overload.  Don’t try to present everything at once.  Bite-sized chunks are OK – there is a limit to what a person can absorb and act on at one time.

However, the more focused the conversation the more detail and nuance needs to be discussed. Tie all excursions from the main topic back to the objectives of the meeting. Indeed, repeat the main objective should be repeated at least three times during the meeting and feedback responses from the audience solicited to reinforce the subject.

When closing the meeting, the facilitator should summarize what has been said and call for suggestions for action. Before adjourning, the facilitator should once again visit the subject of the meeting and what actions will be taken as a result of the meeting.

Less is information not pertinent to the objective(s) and more is the repetition of the objective(s).


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