MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise System Delivers The Top 10 Big Data-to-Insight Opportunities for Operational Excellence

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Prior to the 21st Century, marketing initiatives involved educated “guesswork” as did most analysis of market potential, demand and even operations management. While business people have always used insights gleaned from the volume of sales or service success stories and some feedback from customers, market research relied less on voluminous data and more on the expertise and experience of the people who analyzed what data was available and made recommendations based on it. Indeed, their knowledge of their business and a healthy dose of guessing and gambling was known as marketing analysis.

Those people still do their magic and, for the most part, they do it well. Information is useless without keen minds that can determine its best uses and how to maximize that information. With the onset of Big Data and technological capacity to store, process, analyze and use data for business strategy, the big change is that the insights gathered can spawn the potential to eliminate guesswork. With the right processing and analysis, Big Data can deliver specificity of information that virtually guarantees strategic and tactical victories for every business initiative. What’s not to like about investing only in strategies that deliver anticipated results and ROI?

Big Data can deliver specificity of information that virtually guarantees strategic and tactical victories for every business initiative.

Big Data experts are discovering ways Big Data can improve the ways we do business every day. For all of us, however, there are core areas of business excellence we must attain to achieve competitive, profitable and sustainable goals. MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise, all of which are accessed through the Data Analysis and Insight/Information Center, work individually or together and are specifically designed to make companies robust, scalable, profitable and sustainable in these core areas:

Increase Business/Customer Base

The majority of opportunity maximization in this category happens in the Customer Module where analyzing customer data of all kinds — from buying patterns to social media buzz and beyond — delivers much more than insight into what customers are buying and talking about… The data indicates whether their experience with the company was positive, how they tell their friends about the brand, what they wish the brand also offered, how much they are willing to spend, etc. MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise ask and receive input on questions like:

  • “What do your customers really want?
  • “How can we get them excited about their own data?”
  • “How they want the customer experience to feel. Where are they feeling pain and how to fix it.”
  • “Can we deliver better service at an improved price point?”

 These questions and hundreds of others are built into the system. Moreover, these questions are programmable, and deliver these important customer responses to help build loyalty and brand advocacy.

Decrease Waste/Improve Profitability

Decreasing waste and improving profits is almost always an enterprise-wide venture that looks at all types of data to find out where there are errors and quality issues in manufacturing, lost productivity in sales, customer attrition due to call center dissatisfaction, poor strategy due to badly analyzed market research, team resistance to change and alignment behind goals, and an infinite array of other problems needing speedy and effective solutions. As such, data may be run through a variety of modules in order to assess where waste and improvements can occur and develop strategies for correcting these problems. These modules include market analytics, business process, change management and many more. Conversely, that data may be processed through just the Customer Module, for example, to identify opportunity for increasing prices without losing market share and affecting the bottom line positively and swiftly with one pricing solution.

Develop Higher Demand/Quality Products and Services

While successful enterprises have long relied on insights gleaned from customer behavior, never before has there been the opportunity for explosive innovation by augmenting the R&D team’s work with customer feedback. If we listen, customers will tell us what they want, how they want it to work, what it looks like, how to package it, how to price it and much more. That is why MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise has a module specifically designed to access and analyze what your customers are telling you and the world they want (and what other company’s customers aren’t getting but want from their preferred brands). This feedback is equally accessible to and critical for service based business needing to differentiate by incorporating the needs and wants of their clients’ into the service mix.

Provide Better Client/Customer Experience

This functionality is inherent in the Customer Module, which can analyze data from, for example, call center records. Furthermore, the R&D/Innovation Module analysis can be used to augment improving service/experience because it is inclusive and establishes, by its nature, deeper, more intimate connections with customers and clients. These relationships can be viewed as sampling populations and facilitate inferring perspectives of broader bases of customers/clients.

Improve Business Process

Re-engineering the way we perform business functions in order to increase our market share, reduce waste, improve profitability, build in sustainability, etc. is inherent in all of the MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise to some degree. For example, we just looked at how the R&D and Innovation Module can improve our hits to our markets and reduce our misses by allowing, even inviting, our customers and clients to tell us what they want and how they want it. Their response, if integrated into business practices, improves our processes.

That isn’t enough, though. MetaOps, Inc., a leader in Lean Six Sigma-based Business Process Improvement (BPI) for over a decade, has developed a Business Process Module that looks a data across all business functions — operations, manufacturing, fulfillment, sales, marketing, customer service, product/service development, accounting, human resources and more — to compile, compare and assess strengths to maximize and weaknesses to eliminate. This module almost always leads to use of the Change Management Module because it, with the analysis and recommendation support of process improvement MetaExpert SMEs, will invariably require that companies identify areas of resistance to critical change and opportunities for developing team alignment.

Improve Workforce/Enhance Change Management/Team Alignment

Change Management and Training are the core dependencies of improving leadership and team performance, alignment with goals and strategies and voluntary ambassadorship of your organization and its brand(s). Improving business process to make team members more effective and therefore empower them is also, quite often, key to enhancing leadership and team effectiveness.

The MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise system has data analysis modules for most of these functions, but it is important to note that training — through webinars, workshops, onsite point solution training, even on-location conferences (or virtual) — done by skilled SMEs with advanced technological support is the cornerstone of improving human resource quality, productivity and effectiveness. MetaExpert SMEs are a core component of all MetaOps services and provide extensive training for teams and leaders in executing and sustaining strategic best practices and effectively utilizing the MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise system.

Increase In-industry Competitiveness

MetaOps features an Industry-Specific Module that aggregates globally available data about any industry or industry subsector and merges that data with your organization-specific data to provide clients with a roadmap as to where the industry is headed and what your organization can do be a leader. Your data may be in the MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise system from insight projects through other modules, in which case, the i.e. team uploads the industry data and processes them together through the Industry-Specific Module.

Improve Analytic Capability

No single tool of the MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise system improves an organization’s ability to analyze data. They all do. The system provides the people, process and technologies for selecting the right data, processing it effectively and determining:

  1. What information is useful and what is not in relationship to stated goals or research objectives,
  2. What the information tells you to do,
  3. How to strategize for competitive differentiation.

That is why the system offers so many modules and more are developed for it as needed. Whether you have a small data set or a ginormous one, the process will ensure that the technology delivers the needed information and people will analyze it and make it actionable and measureable.

Improve Strategy

Currently in development, MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise offers Big-Data-to-Insight modules specific to defined markets, government entities, not-for-profits, security analysis, even organization investment/trading and a personal objectives module that helps individuals define how their personal goals dovetail with the objectives of their organization. Many others are planned for development as well. All with an eye to making it easy, fast and effective for organizations to craft competitive strategies that are grounded in bullet-proof insights derived from the best practices of Big Data analysis.

Improve Sustainable, Iterative Growth

MetaOps, Inc.’s roots are deep into the practice of delivering solutions that can be tweaked and used over and over again for ongoing business process improvement across all divisions and industries. The solutions from the Intelligent Enterprise system are specifically designed for repeatability, improvement from iteration to iteration, measurement, and sustainability. The system evolves daily in order to be evergreen.

As a subscriber to the MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise system, clients have ongoing access to MetaExpert SMEs, training, new tools and modules, consultation and much more. MetaOps, Inc.’s mission is to partner with our clients for as long as they need us, in only the ways they need us as they develop. The MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise system puts Big-Data-to-Insight solutions at your fingertips and phone 24/7 so you can take aggressive or tiny steps every day towards sustainable growth.

The MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise system puts Big-Data-to-Insight solutions at your fingertips and phone 24/7 so you can take aggressive or tiny steps every day towards sustainable growth.

For more information on The MetaOps Intelligent Enterprise system contact [email protected] | 248-881-0672


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