The Team Checkup

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Leaders are learning how to leverage the collective wisdom of selected teams to brainstorm and trouble shoot problems, innovate and implement new initiatives. The glue that holds these efforts together is in the facilitation and direction of the leader. The following is an exercise to keep the team “on track” and functioning on a high level.

For this facilitator tip, we assume the following:

  • The team has worked together for a while.
  • At the outset, a team code/ground rules were established.
  1. Assemble the team and announce. “Let’s check in on how we are doing as a team so far.”
  2. Put up a flip chart page (or use a white board) and draw a happy face on the left and a frowning face on the right side.
  3. Then say, “Let’s go around and have everyone share one thing that is going well for our team so far. Then think of one thing that we can do better as we go forward.” Ask for volunteers to get the ball rolling and then go around to every person and list the comments on the appropriate side (Smile or Frown).
  4. When everyone has contributed, ask “Can anyone think of anything else? If not, continue with, “Thank you – this gives me and you, the team, some feedback on how we’re doing. Since we are not perfect yet (a little laugh here would be good), can we agree to take a few action items to continue improving?” Note action items and follow up in writing with actions as appropriate.

Important Note:

Fact: 70% of Improvement Projects FAIL outright or don’t get the results they should. 
I’ve learned over the last 20 years that it isn’t the process or the change required that is so difficult.  It is how we engage and inspire the people who need to make the change a reality that is the biggest challenge.

It’s Ron Crabtree here, and APICS, the premier professional association for supply chain and operations management, is hosting my Two Day TOP Facilitator program. It is an immersion workshop that includes 21 practice labs to practice the skills – hands on.  This ensures participants will walk away with the skills to be the best-of-the-best when it comes to effectively training and / or leading any type of change initiative.

It’s February 18 and 19 in Chicago at the APICS headquarters.  Check out the details and take advantage of the early registration discount now!


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