Quantum Physics and Creating the Future

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Editorial for March 2017

Quantum Physics and Creating the FutureIn these unsettled days, it is just too easy to be negative. Yes, it does appear that the “World Order” established in the 18th century appears to be taking up a new course. However, it is premature but natural to fear the worst. Indeed, there are many, many observant people in the USA and the World that are “believers” who have for decades believed the world order is long due for a change. In fact, star political historians Henry Kissinger (former Secretary of State in the 1980’s, and Robert Strauss (Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations) mention the inflection point happened with the end of the Cold War in 1989. Most recently, the evolution of Globalization and its current rejection represent the path that the nation-states will most probably take. However, as with most paradigm shifts, fear and uncertainty can create a clouded vision. Some call it the “Chicken Little” Syndrome (The sky is falling in).

You see, most of us are linear thinkers and extrapolate what we know into the future assuming history and the making of history follow straight line logic. But, as most of us who have been around long enough, we know change is not linear and can also mean opportunity and adaptation that leaves what was viewed as ugly and unfair as a godsend. But here is where recent discoveries in physics can help those aware of quantum physics to make a difference.

Without taking the reader on a side trip to learn about the weird and wonderful world of  Quantum Physics, let’s just go right to the heart of the matter.  One key postulate to Quantum Physics is that all events are just probabilities. According to Quantum Physics, this observation is most clearly demonstrated at the photon level. You see, according to Quantum Physics, photons of energy reach a point in their existence when “the observer” can make the difference if a photon becomes a particle with mass or just a massless photon.  In other words, conscious observers can influence what becomes “real” (with mass) and what stays ephemeral.  We are talking basic physics here, folks. But this is what makes the field of Quantum Physics a possible bridge between the “real world” and the metaphysical world, but the basic concepts of QP and its mathematical formulas that support its existence play an important role in our everyday lives as new technologies such as GPS and computing depend on these formulas. Although Quantum Physics can sound like Alice’s rabbit hole, it is real, important and can change our perspective of the Universe and how we humans fit in.

Now back to the power of observation in making things “real.”

The “Power of Positive Thinking,” is a concept and slogan that has been around for a long time. As a matter of fact, some religions such as Christian Science is based on just that philosophy: you can shape your reality with your thoughts. Well,  science has demonstrated that at its most basic elemental level, the conscious observer can do just that.

So, in these times of seeming darkness and retrogression,  keep in mind that we can consciously choose to view the negative or, instead, to take the view that change and evolution-while disruptive- are good, and uncertainty is an opportunity to use our conscious choice to craft something positive.


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