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At the end of December 2017, we saw a divergence of future sentiment indicators. The Business Confidence Index (BCI) took a slight decline while the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) kept its steady upward trajectory. Intuitively, one would think the CCI would be leading the BCI. But, in today’s financial twilight zone, who knows?

In our last issue of 2017, we discussed the challenges to Supply Chain Management (SCM) and this year we offer five interesting articles. We open with an article on the same important subject. In “Human Capital Challenges for Green Supply Chain Management and Development, and How to Resolve Them” by Patricia Rae Linn, a MetaExpert on the subject, SCM is tied in with the growing trends in going green. Our next article, “3 Key Ingredients that Separate Elite Performing Companies from Average Performing Companies,” by Doug Sartain, also a MetaExpert with extensive expertise in logistics, is a more general topic with some important observations. In “Time to Improve the Investment Industry’s Operational Due Diligence Process,” we discuss the point of view that the Investment Industry should pay more attention to the actual abilities of management instead of placing too much emphasis on financial data analysis. Our fourth article, The Incredible Benefits of Value Stream Mapping — An Interview with LSSBB Pam Gladwell, is a transcription of an interview between two LSS experts on the benefits of an important tool used by operational experts. To close out the issue, we offer, What is the Optimal Group Size for Decision Making?”

As always, we hope our contribution to your free reading time will add real value, and we would love to hear not only your opinions but also any viewpoints you would like to share.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous 2018!

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