Note from the Editor

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It’s that 1040 time of year again, and pain is in the air. Not so much from having to pay taxes but the feeling we are not getting our money’s worth.  In a time when the value of government is being questioned, we must all remember that the citizens contribute the life blood for our government and we can have an ultimate say in how the money is used… but only if we are engaged.

As we normally start out by taking the pulse for Consumer and Business Confidence Indexes , for the end of  March we see that while the USA has been more optimistic than the OECD nations, the trend has rolled over a bit. Of course, we have seen a recent rise in interest rates in the USA and the continuing unmaking of the Trump administration. Keep your fingers crossed.

Our article lineup for the month begins with A General Overview of the top 10 Technology Trends for 2017.” In the article, you will get an interesting overview of what disruptive technologies may be changing the way we live and do business. Next, we present Laziness is Contagious,” need I say more.  The Secret to Being an Adaptive Organization: Learn or Lose,” walks the reader through the steps of creating an adaptive and agile organization. Our fourth article, The Changing Customer Service Paradigm,” is something that we are all in the stages of adopting as the new center focus for companies. Finally, in The Cost of Digital Micromanagement,” the use of project management software can get carried away and cost more money and morale than the productivity it supposedly generates.

As usual, we hope we add value to your spare reading time and welcome any questions or suggestions.