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They tell us Spring is around the corner. What do they know?

But we do know that despite all the negative news, consumers and businesses are feeling more confident, and that’s a good thing! (see BCI and CCI charts)

Our March issue is chock full of interesting content. We start out with a personal experience suffered by our own Ron Crabtree, CEO of MetaExperts and Metaops, as he runs the gauntlet of the customer service runaround in “The Demise of Customer Service. It’s something we can all identify with, and it will make you laugh or cry depending on your own experience. Next, we counter the wave of an-globalism by offering up Private Equity Funds Should Look at Emerging Markets.” In Managing Risk in Private Equity,” we discuss how PE can benefit from Operational Excellence practitioners. Giuseppe Lovecchio provides an interesting view on the need for a well- developed change management program before initiating new initiatives in How to Overcome One of the Most Challenging Trends in Manufacturing.” To wrap things up, we offer the transcript of co-authors Ron Crabtree and Jeff Cole on the subject of Change Management Street Smarts.”

We hope you find value in our articles and we would love to hear from our readers about anything with the exception of personal problems.

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