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Welcome to the May issue of MetaOps Magazine. This month’s psychological indicators show the Business Confidence is rather sanguine compared to last month’s index; whereas the US Consumer Confidence Index indicates consumers are about to go on a buying binge! If you are the Donald, you would day it’s all your doing. However, Spring does wonders for the spirits of those cooped up over the winter.

Our featured article is about the interesting phenomena of what economic historians are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution or “I 4.0.” CEO for MetaExperts™ Ron Crabtree discusses the concept of Remote Center of Experts (RCoE™) in Are You Ready for I 4.0?and how this select group of experts can help managers meet the challenges and opportunities that I 4.0 offers. On May 23rd at noon EDT, RCoE™ will offer the second in its series of free Webinars open to all who are interested in what a MetaExpert panel of experts see as challenges and opportunities as well as an open Q&A with attendees.  Our second article is about one of those important changes to the normal way of starting new initiatives in “Bypass the Initiative Assessment and Go Directly to Initiative Deployment Training to Increase ROI” by MetaExpert Pat Linn. Third, another of our MetaExperts provides an example of how the Lean Philosophy and practices can help improve a company and its ROI in “Superior Supply Chain Through Operational Excellence: An Interview with Steve Cimorelli.” Fourth in the line up of articles for this month is an excerpt from Geoffrey Mika’s new Book: 21st Century: Continuous Improvement.

We hope you enjoy the issue and it adds value to your free reading time. Moreover, we hope you will sign up for the RCoE™ free webinar this coming May 23rd at noon. We are sure you will find it informative.

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