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Hard to believe but 2017 is in the rearview mirror! We hope the year has been good for all our readers and clients. Times are surely interesting and we do live in interesting times; whether we like it or not.

This month’s edition opens with the graphics for the OECD v USA Business and Consumer Confidence data. The opening article is about the rapid rise of Additive Manufacturing (AKA 3D printing) and how the focus is on who owns the platform. Our second article is about all the different types of “shoring” that represent how the globalization backlash may play out. Thirdly, we discuss another important political initiative: Corporate tax cuts in “’What Corporate Tax Cuts Could Portent.” It may surprise you. The next article is about the complexities of Supply Chain Adaptability and if it is really achievable.

Finally, our Staff Editor ponders the dystopian trends in the world and how they could relate to Enrico Fermi’s famous “Fermi’s Paradox.”

As usual, we hope you find added value in our offerings and welcome any comments or suggestions.

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