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The dog days of August and the dogs of war fill the air as we put 2017 in the rear view mirror. Despite the summer doldrums and bellicose tweets, consumer and business confidence in the OECD show a diversion. The US consumer Confidence Index rolled over into a steep dive while the US Business Confidence Indicator stayed relatively flat. Intuitively, if consumers are not feeling too good, how long does it take to affect businesses? Perhaps the promise of regulatory and tax reform still provides hope in the boardroom.

In this month’s Issue, we open up with an article about the growing use of specialist consultants to fill the subject matter expert gaps that appear in the constantly changing world in: “Why Your Company Doesn’t Have the Right Staff at the Right Time, and How to Solve That.Our second article is on the surprising new group of youngsters coming up in: “Introducing Generation Z.” Thirdly, we present an article on recognizing and measuring Characteristic Personality Traits of Successful Persuaders.Whether it’s sales or negotiating, see if you possess those traits. Fourth, we review some of the more “Famous Business and Marketing Blunders.Fifth, our staff editor offers up an op-ed on a new crisis about to hit the scene in: The Coming Loneliness Epidemic and How it Can Shorten Your life.” Some of the discussion is tongue-in-cheek and the balance a real concern for Health officials.

As usual, we hope you find the magazine a quick and easy, enjoyable and informative use of your limited free reading time. Also, please remember that MetaExperts is always ready to provide our readers with a wide range of subject matter experts to help resolve any problems or concerns your company may have. Just give us a call734-425-1455 

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