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We are now on the downhill side of 2018!

Speaking of downhill, the June Business and Consumer Confidence Indices show a definite drop in confidence. Not surprising given the stare of the economic enmity clouding the atmosphere. The Trump reality show continues to entertain just his side of general concern.

As for our entertainment and educational offerings this month, we open with a subject that helps us look to the future as we discuss the IOT and the important wireless devices that will help transform our world into Big Data. In “A Basic Introduction to IOT Connectivity,” we provide a basic introduction to the types of connectivity and how to select which mode would work best for your company. To follow on the shirt tails of the first article, we present “Making a Decision to Engage IOT,” which provides a primer on how to assess if IOT should be an option for your company. In this article, we also introduce the role of offshore product development (wireless devices) and potential backup offshoring to other lower cost vendors such as the Philippine Islands as an alternative to China. Next, we offer an article by MetaExpert Jim De Vries.Risk – Are you Comfortable in discussing RISK within Your Company?” as he explains how to assess risk in the supply chain (SCRM-Supply Chain Risk Management). Our fourth article, “M&A the Smart Way” discusses how companies that have successful expansions develop small projects to develop a long-term expansion model. To complete the issue, our staff editor offers up an Op-ed that touches upon the evolution of our nation post-1776 inThe Possible Evolution of Independence Day.”

We hope you enjoy our offering to our readers and that we can add some additional value to your free reading time.

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