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The Dog days of Summer are suppressing the consumer zeal for consumption. Perhaps it’s just too hot. Both the Business and Consumer Confidence Index have taken a pretty steep downturn with the exception of Lithuania, which appears to be in ecstasy with what the future may bring.

Our August issue focuses on human resource development as well as strategies for offshore outsourcing and Safety in the workplace. Indeed, our emphasis on human resource development is no coincidence as the MetaExperts Remote Center of Excellence will be presenting another in its sequence of the terrific free webinar on August 22nd at noon eastern time. The subject for the webinar will be how to develop a strong business case to support Training ROI.

Our first article is a lead into the webinar subject of training in “How to Build a Business Case to Maximize Training and Workforce Development ROI.”  Our second article discusses a strategy to continue with cost-effective offshore outsourcing for product design and development if it China becomes problematic when it comes to world trade with the USA. In  “Outsourcing Strategies for a U.S.-Sino Trade War,” A CEO from one of the top Product design and manufacturing based in China and the Philippines makes us aware of the Philippines as a strategic alternative to China, and other offshore outsource BPO and private label manufacturing. Our third article is about training but with an emphasis on how corporations can help train ethics into the corporate culture in “How to Develop an Ethical Corporate Culture.” Our final article is by guest author, Catherine Metcalf as she talks about data and works place safety in “How Data Can Promote Safety in the Workplace.

We hope all of our readers and any other interested parties will attend our Free Webinar where a panel of experts will discuss Training and how to build a strong case for Training and its ROI. The Webinar is Free and will last 45 minutes. The responses to our other webinars have been terrific, and we know if the subject matter is of interest to you or your company, it would be well worth your time to sign up for the webinar and have your questions ready for the panel of experts.

 The Free Webinar will be August 22nd at Noon Eastern Time

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