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The leaves are changing signaling the near ending to another year. In this month’s issue, we present some excellent articles written by two of our MetaExpert consultants. Both articles are concerned with the important topic of communication best practices. The first article by Pat Lin: “Get Top Performance from Your Contractors and Remote Teams by Communicating Culturecovers the important choice of selecting the best form of communication for given circumstances. The second article by Kevin Kohls: “Business communications problems I often see that undermine operational excellence initiatives and how I resolve them,” is a discourse on how a top presenter handles communication problems when working with clients as an Operational Excellence consultant.

Our third article is for the timely consideration of proactive risk management in Risk Management Strategies for a Risky Era.” Fourth in the lineup is an interesting review of a whitepaper produced by Deloitte concerning the futureDisruption of Manufacturing by 3D Printing.” Wrapping it up, we close with an op-ed by our staff editor in Musings: A Nation of Laws Tied Up in Knots.”

As usual, we hope our readers find value in our short offerings with timely and helpful insights. If you or your company is in need of outside expertise, our selection of highly qualified MetaExpert consultants stands ready to assist you and your teams. For more information, please contact us.

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