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The OECD Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) shows consumers in the USA are optimistic in comparison to the average OECD country. However, the Business Confidence Index (BCI) is not as enthusiastic as the CCI. So why the disconnect?

Once again, March is fulfilling its role of coming in like a lamb and going out like a lion. However, winter has all but passed, and we look forward to the green shoots of spring.

This month’s issue opens with an article on the startling lack of worker engagement in “One-Third of American Workers are engaged in their work.“ Of course, engagement is a rather subjective measure. Next we, we offer a tool for managers that can help become more proactive in these unsettled times. “Game Theory for Managers is a review of Game Theory but with a new model that makes this valuable tool more appropriate to the real world of business. Our third article, Hedging Currency Risk-a Brief Review,” discusses ways to hedge multicurrency revenue in a time of political volatility. In “Effective Leadership: Adaptive vs. Mechanicalwe take a look at two distinct leadership styles. Finally, the editorial this month, “Quantum Physics and Creating the Future,” discusses one of the weird yet important concepts of Quantum Physics and how it can help create a positive future through a positive mindset. If you don’t know much about quantum physics, it is truly a game changer-not just from a scientific viewpoint but also from a conscious state of mind.

As always, we hope Metaops Magazine adds value, and we welcome any comments or remarks.