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Yes it’s true. We are about to leave 2014 behind and I hope it was a year of progress and profits for all of our readers. While we may be seeing the storm clouds of 2008 finally start to disappear over the horizon, I am sure that, as always, adversity and the continued onslaught of change, has helped us evolve in positive ways. May evolution continue.

In this month’s edition, we present the following lineup of articles. In “The Truth about the Coming Water Crisis,” we expose another “chicken little” crisis that is more hype than truth. Next, I discuss a bit of my past experience and how it offered me a more existential view of Operational Excellence. Batting third in our lineup, Human Resource guru Daniel Bloom provides us with his take on fear and change in the organization. Finally, Michael Rose has authored a new book that has caught the interest of corporate leadership. We interviewed him about his ideas in his book ROE Powers ROI.

MetaOps also provides specialized consulting services and we are pleased to present one of our impressive MetaExperts consultants, Connie Card. Check out her profile. She just might be that person you are looking for to help you solve some seemingly intractable concern.

On behalf of the Staff of MetaOps Inc., I would like to wish all of our readers a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2015.


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