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It’s November and 2014 is about to close out. For most companies, it’s been another year of cost control and insecurity as change is in the air more than usual. Hopefully 2015 will see Washington take the same spirit of making proactive changes that we in the private sector have been wrestling with. Keep your fingers crossed and don’t hold your breath.

This month’s edition opens with “Big Data Adds Real Value for the Oil and Gas Industry.” Next, we present a dialogue with CEO and Businesswoman of the Year in 2013 from the Tampa Bay Area, Joy Gendusa. She has caught a lot of attention from others because of her unique corporate culture she has designed, built and uses to great success. She explains her philosophy in “If you’re not genuinely a Nice Person….You can’t work here.” Next, we read our publisher’s introspection concerning her pet peeve in “What Goes Around Comes Around.” Finally, we provide some industry trends for Oil and Gas, Mining and water industries. Each month, we will present IBIS industry trends for selected sectors.

We hope you enjoy our offering and would love to hear from you about your views, criticisms and, yes, even the occasional kudo.


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