Mining Your Contact Center For Gold (July)

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Mining Your Contact Center For GOLD – Methods Exposed to drill-down to the critical few processes that yield 80% of the GOLD opportunities within your Contact Center Operations.

This fast-paced webinar is guaranteed to show you new ways of looking at your contact center that transform it from an expense to a profit center.  You’ll be in an enviable position when you mine your contact center for hidden opportunities that can be leveraged and turned to gold.

When you attend, you’ll go away with these key learnings about your contact center:

  • How to isolate the vital few core root causes for under-performing contact center operations.
  • Methods to drill-down to the critical few processes that yield 80% of the GOLD opportunity.
  • Techniques to isolate the levers to support driving improvements in performance across the organization.
  • How to uncover organization-wide innovations that can be quickly converted to bottom line results.

.Ron will also share key tactics to add to your leadership skills

  • Approaches to engage the entire organization in finding GOLDEN opportunities to improve all aspects of performance.
  • How to set yourself apart as a superior leader and innovator of call center operations.
  • Approaches to win support and engagement with shared accountability.
  • Tips for creating excitement and buy-in for driving lasting changes.

Download the PDF version of this webinar HERE


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