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Ron Crabtree here.

Hello and welcome.  It’s my pleasure to present the second issue of our new MetaOps MagE-zine.  We have some very talented and interesting people sharing their insights with you this month.  Bill Cooper tells us about his five steps to employee engagement.  His article is refreshing and quick, a great read.

Joann Parrinder always has an interesting twist on traditional lean practices.  Check out her article on process improvement, it’s one of those “Ah-Ha” moments waiting to happen.  We then have Daniel Lilley writing about a subject too little talked about – giving back.  He shows us the importance of donating high skill level work in the operational excellence and other fields to charitable organizations.  What a great way to give back for the holidays by doing something you are great at.

The future holds many fascinating trends; I’ve done some looking around the internet to find what I could on what’s around the bend in the new year and beyond.  According to IMB, 90% of the world’s digital information was produced over the last two years.  Organizations are being slammed with data overload.  A term, Social Business, has been coined to take in how organizations can and should leverage social media data and technologies internally and expectantly.  There are a lot of startups and internal organizational efforts in play out there that are attempting to make sense of all this data and how to use it to gain competitive advantage.

Here are some examples about the data explosion in recent history: 72 hours of video uploaded to youtube.com every minute, Facebook getting 3,000 photos a second, and every new product under the sun has some form of tracking or interface.  It has become clear that there is a huge need out there to analyze all this data and make sense of the best strategies to harness the potential of Social Media.  That’s a market I intend to keep an eye on.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently included “The Trends of 2013 Affecting Companies Today And Growing Businesses Tomorrow.”  Notable from this list is the comeback of domestic jobs.  I couldn’t be more proud of American organizations in their decision to start bringing jobs home.  Interestingly they also noted the rise in spicy flavor products, a trend fuelled by youth.  That was a surprise – I thought I was the only one who loves spicy food.  My final note on this article is the trend of Transparency.  This is something I’m certain will be fueled by social media and social business.  With cameras in everyone’s pockets, and thumbs that can reach thousands of people in an instant there has never been a time where the quality of our products and services and brand management have been so important.

I look forward to talking with you about the articles; leave a comment and start the conversation. And if you have an interest in writing in our MagE-zine be sure to check out Letter to the Editor section to let us know.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a great New Year.

Ron Crabtree


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