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Ron CrabtreeNow that the weather’s warming up, why not spend some time thinking about how your organization can warm up, too?

Our May issue of MetaOps MagEzine is focused on the theme of “Employee Engagement for Operational Excellence,” and we have new writers with great ideas for you! Sylvia Lafair’s “Leadership and Talent Wars” piece offers some wonderful advice on fostering long-term relationships with your employees. The days of spending an entire career in one organization are long gone, and Sylvia can help you adjust to this new reality.

Next, our own Kim Crabtree will take you along on a review of R.E.S.U.L.T.S. Methodology and what it can do for your organization. Reflection, Expectations, Selection of Opportunities, Understanding, Leveraging, Transforming and Sustaining will become second nature once you’ve adopted Kim’s vision.

I’ve also presented a little piece on Lean Culture in the Service Industry with a brief look at how to incorporate Lean methods and the educational continuum philosophy. Are you effectively marketing to the right customers? How do you achieve customer intimacy? I hope my thoughts drive you to explore your own organization and how you can incorporate these solutions for your continued success.

Our featured consultant for May is Karen Young, president of Strategic Solutions and Associates, LLC, a consulting group specializing in operational excellence assessments. Karen presents a case study from a cancer treatment center and its struggles with obtaining lab test results. Karen is also an adjunct professor for Villanova University Online.

Thanks for reading MetaOps MagEzine, and I hope that you find the information, ideas and leadership advice valuable. Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions, check out MetaOps.com and take our survey if you’d like your work to be featured in MetaOps MagEzine.

To a very successful May,

Ron Crabtree


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