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Ron CrabtreeSpring has sprung! Are you as happy as I am? Spring break, baseball’s spring training and spring cleaning; which concept are you identifying with most closely?

I’m thrilled to welcome you to the April issue of MetaOps MagEzine, complete with new ideas and insights for the success of your organization along the theme of “Operational Excellence in the Office.” Dan Bloom leads off with a great discussion about operational excellence in human resources; is your organization existing in a time warp? Learn how you can develop a new view of human capital assets to improve in this area.

Next, Mike Ogorek will step to the plate with a look at how social networking tools can contribute to your organization’s goals. Your employees and customers are already using these tools, so why shouldn’t you capitalize on them to develop better communication methods and cut across organizational barriers?

An exploration of the next frontier in operational excellence is presented by Kim Crabtree, along with insights to the buying continuum used by most decision makers. Understanding the buying continuum is key to helping your team achieve gains in a number of operational areas. If you’re looking to reduce your product’s time to market, cut the cost of selling, increase your revenues and boost the quality of your customer’s experience, Kim has you covered.

In the clean-up position, I’ve presented an overview of how you can achieve operational excellence by using your call center as an early-warning system. While productivity and efficiency is difficult to monitor in this people-centric business area, you can evaluate the types and volume of your calls to determine areas of improvement for your organization.

Our featured consultant for April is Ron Chandler, vice president and treasurer of MCB Enterprises International. Ron is also a managing partner of Chandler-Wild Group, LLC, and one of the United States’ foremost experts on performance-based implementation of process improvement systems. Ron shares a case study on TOPIC with us this month, complete with his insights and experiences in TOPIC.

Before I let you go, I’d like to just take a quick moment to thank you for your time and attention. Our goal is to have MetaOps MagEzine be a source of motivation and inspiration for you, just as our clients are for us.

Wishing you a prosperous April,

Ron Crabtree


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