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Happy New Year!ronbizthumb

Welcome back friends – I’m glad you made it to the new year – which promises renewed vigor and growth. This edition of MetaOpsMagazine has some great Knowledge Nuggets to help start you off on the right foot in the New Year and beyond.

Here we are talking about CEO resolutions from Miles Kierson’s article “Excellence in Execution.” He tells us “Execution capability must begin at the top. Senior leaders have to learn to be the example, to do what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it, in little things and big things alike.”

We have a great article from Gerald Burch addressing the immense need for safety within a corporate setting. He has a brief recap into the terrible natural disasters of 2012 and lessons learned we can leverage in 2013 and beyond.

Bill Cooper is back to share more insights. This time he tackles OpEx strategy head on. You’ll learn why strategy is a make or break proposition for OpEx implementation success and he’ll teach you where the most common weak points of implementation are likely. Don’t get caught up with another spoiled OpEx implementation, read this and you’ll have the tools to improve.

Eric M. Zink gives us a insightful article on the importance of people for OpEx success in his article he shares: “. . . all the assessment and measurement tools in the world won’t solve the most troublesome problem of all: the human element.” He reminds us that everything that happens within our organizations and our lives is in some way processed or touched by a person. And it is through people that we will prosper.

I would like to point out that this edition is showcasing Doug Sartain as the Featured Consultant, I’ve recently worked alongside him doing organizational opportunity assessment work, and highly recommend his skills to anyone that wants to work with someone that has forgotten more about freight and logistics than most will every know.

Let’s ring in the New Year with unprecedented growth, and prosperity.  The number ’13; is a lucky number after all. Once again, find these great articles at www.MetaOpsMagazine.com

To your success.

Ron Crabtree.


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