Keep the Energy High and on Target

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Habit # 5:

Keep the Energy High and on Target

Keep the Energy High and on TargetWe all have many roles to play and many of those roles call upon our ability to understand the role we are playing. As a facilitator, your main job is to help others participate and contribute ideas. To do this requires the ability to make the task fun and rewarding for the participants.

First, the facilitator needs to prepare participants to contribute. If the meeting requires certain knowledge before the meeting, the facilitator should make sure any supporting materials are sent out ahead of the meeting and strongly suggest that the attendees be prepared for the meeting.

Second, the facilitator must define the goals of the meeting and how best to organize the meeting to achieve the goals in the allotted time. Some more complex subjects may need more than one meeting. The facilitator should also review who the participants are and what area of the company they represent.

Third, the facilitator must have the rules of the meeting clearly understood by all attendees and obtain confirmation before starting the meeting

Fourth, the facilitator must create a sense of urgency by stressing the time limit of the meeting and the rules of brevity and decorum.

Fifth, the facilitator must know when the discussion should be guided back to the goal and be proactive about re-directing the conversation.

Sixth, the facilitator should be animated in gesture as well as voice intonation. Keep the energy, pace and intensity of the meeting at a high level.

Seventh, the facilitator should always thank participants for their input no matter the content or applicability. Make the meeting a positive experience for all.

Eighth, the facilitator must control the interactions between participants and not let debate become too time consuming or take on a personal tone.

Ninth, the facilitator must make sure all attendees participate.

Tenth, always keep an eye on the time and conclude the meeting at the pre-scheduled time. Too many people dread meetings because there can be too many and they can be too long.


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