How to Overcome the PAIN in Organizational Change

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Be empowered to assist team members to engage in successful change initiatives and become more effective in leading change in organizations

You’ll go away with these key learnings about the Pain in every Organizational Change –

~ Why it is painful for people to make change?

~ How to work with the physiology of humans and improve effective change for individuals and organizations

~ The three steps required to learn new skills and habits that make change ‘sticky’ for people and organizations

I will share key tactics to add to your LEADERSHIP Skills

* How to reduce mental and physical fatigue when generating massive change

* Three techniques to generate personal insights that drive change

* Top Three keys to making change ‘sticky’ in organizations – change that lasts

Be empowered! Stand out and be effective in supporting organization change.

If the time doesn’t work for you, register anyway. We’re recording it and will send the recorded version and copy of the slides.

Download the PDF Version of How to Overcome the PAIN in Organizational Change HERE.


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