How Big Data Becomes Insight for Intelligence Driven Enterprise

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Businesses have an abundance of data. What they need from it is actionable insight that drives measurable competitive advantage.

Data driven initiatives end up residing in the IT department and whatever insight that may exist or come out from IT doesn’t get to executives quickly enough for them to make business decisions that could drive results in a timely manner.

Learn the Eight Levels of Reporting that businesses can use to formulate actions and measure results.

MetaExpert Webinar Series will start you on the essential pathway to identifying, collecting, filtering, prioritizing and analyzing all types of data quickly and for actionable insights and measurable results.

How Big Data Becomes Insight for Intelligence Driven Enterprise was presented by Operational Thought Leader and Keynote Speaker Ron Crabtree and co-presented with Social Media Analytics and Business Intelligence Expert Kevin Dean.

If the time doesn’t work for you, register anyway. We’re recording it and will send the recorded version and copy of the slides.


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