An Ongoing Conversation… Complex Manufacturing – New Thinking for the Bid/Quote to Engineering to Production/Manufacture Processes

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In the past few months, MetaOps has produced three great tools for the world of Complex Manufacturing in the areas of – Bid/Quote  to  Engineering  to  Production Releasewhere lots of money is made- or lost- from having your attention and intention focused-or not focused- on the right thing.

Below is a collection of our “Greatest Hits” to support new thinking and approaches to new success in this not-so-new area.  Step off the “same old, same old” merry-go-round and take a look.

Carve out the time and sink your teeth into these tools – dig in – and share with your team:

1. MetaExpert™ Complex Manufacturing Webinar Series – Part 1:

Revealed – The Unintended Consequences Of A Single Approach To Quoting Complex Manufacturing Products

To view, click this link:

This webinar addresses new thinking related to:

  1. How to manage the transition from winning the proposal to successfully producing the products
  2. How to manage Conflict in Customer Requirements and Operation Capabilities
  3. Understand and Capture Customer Priorities in a way that assures continued focus

2. MetaExpert™ Complex Manufacturing Webinar Series – Part 2:

Engineering to Production Release – How to Transition from Winning the Proposal to Successfully Producing The Products

To view, click this link:

This webinar addresses new thinking related to:

  1. Profits, Customer Delight, and Loyal and Engaged Employees – from Sales & Marketing, Quoting, and Engineering to Operations and Execution
  2. Three areas that destroy profitability – traps and assumptions in the Selling Cycle, On-Boarding the order once you got it, and Change Issues
  3. The increasing pressure in Complex Manufacturing to Cut Lead Times, Increase Innovations & Customizations, and Lower Prices – and do it all at the same time

3. MetaOps Complex Manufacturing Blog Post:

Successful Bid Proposal to Product Manufacture

If you have any questions related to the tools presented here, or want to inquire further about MetaOps or MetaExperts placement and support services, please contact me at [email protected] or 248-881-0672.


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