By pass the Initiative Assessment and Go Directly to Initiative Deployment Training to Increase ROI

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Before the 21st Century, all professional consultants, regardless of industry and expertise, sold their client’s pre-work assessment. If they had trouble convincing potential customers to contract with them, they’d sell free pre-work assessments to prove to executives that they needed them. This is not what you need. The consultants you need sell only one thing, pre-work training programs that give your employees the knowledge and tools they need to deploy goal-achievement strategies whether you continue to work with those consultants or not.

Assessment madness is a thing of the past for a lot of reasons:

  • Executives and their teams resent being called out for everything they are doing wrong.
  • Resentment is a sure-fire way to fail at building a foundation for transformation.
  • Assessments are usually time-consuming, resource wasting and expensive.
  • Assessments deliver nothing more than a list of pros and cons (which are usually well-known by the executives and their teams already).
  • Once done, there still isn’t a strategy to deploy — that critical start point (also time and resource intensive) still wasn’t going to deliver value until finally deployed.
  • There were never any guarantees that the strategic product of the assessment findings would, in fact, deliver any value at all.

No wonder so many deeply knowledgeable and capable consultants just can’t sell their services anymore. It wasn’t that executives didn’t realize they needed some help, it’s that they just couldn’t wait so long to get tangible and meaningful results, and they really couldn’t justify the cost and risk needed to get stakeholder buy-in.

The secret to getting world-class enterprise value from a consultant, even before he or she has considered selling you any service other than training, are the tangible and meaningful value pre-strategy and pre-work training delivers immediately:

  1. The training program brings together your stakeholders and team in a collaborative environment that fosters fast buy-in to the idea of transformation for goal achievement.
  2. The learning environment is interactive and supportive, and the exchange of knowledge and perspective delivers all the information once gathered during the assessment which makes up the core elements of a strategic plan.
  3. The participants are able to share lessons learned and best practices which are the core elements of a transformation deployment strategy.
  4. The tool and tactics taught prepare your team to do the work of implementing the transformation and delivering the results of success and sustainability.
  5. Even if you opt not to implement the transformation, what your people learn can be applied to any of your other projects.
  6. And last, but not least, just by improving your employees through training, you’ll achieve a 24% higher profit margin than your competitors who aren’t doing transformation initiative pre-work training.

As if that weren’t enough you’ll increase productivity by 10%, increase retention up to 40%, and increase job satisfaction to good or excellent with, on average, 87% of your employees (statistics courtesy  of the Association for Talent Development). All that, and you haven’t even committed resources to a transformation or contracted with any consultants.

Basically, the minimal cost of the pre-work training delivers better value to you in days or weeks than you ever would have received from the expensive and (thankfully) outmoded assessment-to-strategic-plan model of the past. Pre-work training delivers all the elements needed for strategy and effective, sustainable implementation with — bonus! — a vastly improved workforce overall!

And one last thing … By the end of the training, you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt if:

  1. You want to implement the transformation,
  2. What the results of doing so are likely to be, and
  3. If you want to contract with that consultant to help proceed with next steps.

If that’s not enough to get you in pre-work training mode, you’ll also want to know that there are readily accessible state grants to pay some or all of the cost of the program greatly magnifying your ROI. And that’s how world-class enterprises will transform businesses with agility, top talent and operational excellence in the 21st Century.

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