Brand Ambassadors

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They used to call it “word-of-mouth” advertising. In fact, word of mouth advertising is considered the most effective form of advertising. After all, company advertising is hardly an impartial assessment of a company’s product or service. Indeed, word-of -mouth gains much of its credibility on who makes the recommendation.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors must truly believe in the company brand and agree to be part of the team effort to keep the brand on top-even if it means communicating criticisms to the company.

With the advent and growth of social media and the internet, consumers now have a ready source of shared third party observations and recommendations to draw upon when it concerns products and services.

Enter the Brand Ambassador

As the name implies, a Brand Ambassador is a person who is a strong advocate for a product or service. They are so pleased with their experience that they go out of their way to tell the world via their personal network of friends and social media. Indeed, most people like to share their unique experiences with others. However, it didn’t take long for company marketing experts to see the power of developing a corps of Brand Ambassadors to help spread the word. But does this opportunistic strategy dilute the power of the “objective” third party recommendation or is it just another way to raise awareness?

Regardless of the level of cynicism involved with being a paid advocate for a brand, even if Brand Ambassadors don’t have the name recognition of a Tiger Woods or other famous personality, developing a Brand Ambassador strategy has advantages.

Advocacy can lead to loyal consumers

Consumer who really do like your products or services, can actually be converted to loyal, repeat customers once they become a Brand Ambassador and public advocate for the brand.

Consumers have learned to research products and services

The internet and social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are judged as providing more credible and impartial reviews of products and service than traditional company advertising and self-promotional marketing.

Leveraging social media is scalable and selective

Consumers who are heavy social media users have access to people of similar interests all over the world, and can produce dialogue 24/7. Developing a legion of Brand Ambassadors and public advocates can provide constant awareness to targeted markets and allow for the gathering and analysis of important consumer behavior as well as constant consumer input.

Credible and widespread Advocacy builds trust in the product or service

The more consumers see positive feedback from many sources, the more consumers will feel trust in the brand. Also, a company that can carry on a two-way dialogue with the digital community can develop its integrity and transparency. For example, negative brand experience can be valuable not only for identifying problems but also allowing the company to show how they value their customers as well as solve problems..

Brand Ambassadors are cost effective

Loyal Brand Ambassadors usually don’t require much in the way of compensation. Discounts, logoed gifts, and point award programs are some of the ways Brand Ambassadors can be rewarded for their support.

Building loyal, repeat customers is the most profitable way to build business

Studies show that building a loyal, repeat customer base significantly impacts overall profitability. For example, just a 5% increase in loyal, repeat customers can increase profits by as much as 40%. Brand Ambassadors help build valuable new and repeat customers.

Using Social Media and Brand Ambassadors provide valuable metrics

Software developers have seen the value of gathering an ongoing stream of customer data that helps to define what is happening in the market. The more a company knows about customer needs, preferences and trend changes, the better it can respond to the increasing competition.

In conclusion

Developing a Brand Ambassador strategy makes a lot of sense. However, Brand Ambassadors must truly believe in the company brand and agree to be part of the team effort to keep the brand on top-even if it means communicating criticisms to the company. Indeed, Brand Ambassadors represent a new level of company-customer relationship.


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