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Hello and welcome to the new MetaOps MagE-zine. I’m Ron Crabtree, CEO of MetaOps, Inc. and it’s my pleasure to present the best and most interesting articles and information on Operational Excellence trending on the web.

It isn’t every day that I get to announce something this special. We’ve filled our MagE-zine chock full of value for managers and executives looking for new ways to improve their business: from handcrafted content by industry gurus and expert consultants to this month’s featured consultant, Paul Bohr. We’ve also put together our In the News section to give you interesting links and more informational content to help you deploy and sustain best practices in your organization.

It may seem strange that an Operational Excellence consulting company would work so hard to put all this information together every month and not even charge a dime. That certainly isn’t standard practice in our line of work. But at MetaOps, our philosophy is to share our wisdom in business improvement to make the organization a better place.

In line with this philosophy, our mission at MetaOps is to help every business-minded individual and company pursue excellence. We want to be your go-to source for information that can help you improve and grow your company and the people who make that mission possible.

Businesses become successful and sustain competitive advantage because of the people who work in them. This MagE-zine is aimed at helping people and the organizations they work in to master aspects of Operational Excellence – in both big and small ways – in order to make a difference now and for many years to come.

We hope you find some of what you need and are looking for each month here at our MagE- zine. As we pursue our own excellence here at MetaOps, we welcome contributions from our community. If you have something special or important to share – information, success stories or special issues you are facing, we welcome all comments and new authors to our virtual team to share their wealth of experience.

From our team to yours, we wish you success in your ongoing journey to achieve organizational and personal excellence.

Ron Crabtree


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